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Chiropractic Care

Just turn on the TV and you’ll likely be bombarded with commercials touting the latest pharmaceutical drug. It truly seems like there’s a pill for every ill. While medication has its place, we think there’s a better way to address pain and optimize health.

Our Approach

We use specific digital X-ray techniques to determine structurally what’s wrong with the spine. Then, through the chiropractic adjustment, we can reduce interference in the nervous system so your body can perform as it was designed to.

At Summit Chiropractic, we use the Activator Method®. This technique uses a handheld instrument called the Activator® to deliver a quick, low-force, yet effective adjustment. There’s no twisting or popping involved.

One of the benefits of this technique is it is very gentle so it can be used on young patients, seniors and all ages in between.


Why should I have my child adjusted?

Dr. Lewis wants to help get your child off to the healthiest start in life. Being healthy begins with having a nervous system that is operating at its peak. The birth process, however, can be a traumatic experience that can negatively impact your child’s nervous system. Through a very gentle adjustment, your child can enjoy better physical and emotional health. Chiropractic care can result in fewer ear infections, less colic and better sleep.

Can someone with back surgery receive care?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Lewis’ mother has had back surgery and receives chiropractic care regularly. We see patients with replaced hips, knees, back fusions and more find relief and healing through chiropractic care. As with any serious surgery, Dr. Lewis will discuss with you the details of the surgery and your healing before beginning care.

Do adjustments hurt?

No, not at all. Our goal is to provide you pain relief and help you have a better quality of life. Your care will be effective and comfortable.

What If I’m nervous?

Our Activator adjustments are very gentle, meaning there will be no unpleasant sounds such as popping. From the evaluation, Dr. Lewis will find the precise area of your spine that needs adjusting. He’ll demonstrate how the Activator works on a different area of your body so you can feel just how light the adjustment really is. Then, when you’re ready, it’s time for your adjustment.

Do you take insurance?

We work with most insurance companies. When you come into our office for your new patient appointment we will do a complimentary verification of benefits.

Take Advantage of Our New Patient Special

You don’t have to put up with persistent pain. Start living your best life today! Contact our Bend practice now and mention our new patient special. For just $99, new patients will get a consultation, exam and any necessary X-rays!

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